Why Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters?

Many of our First Nation communities see the Eagle as a symbol of great strength, leadership and vision. For these reasons as well as the Eagles’ courage to fly higher than any other bird, leading to possible connections to higher spiritual planes, is why our organization has chosen the name Eagle Spirits as the first part of our name. The Great Waters refers to our location. The term Great Waters is the Indigenous name for the Great Lakes of North America. The Great Waters is also a reflection of our commitment to the conservation and protection of water.

Our Dream

We want to create a safe culturally based knowledge centre, where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can gather together to learn, teach and assist each other in the necessary healing and reconciliation of their many broken environments. We would like to create programs and initiatives that will/can span from justice, health, family support, healing and wellness, employment and training, education, research, and more. Events such as drumming circles, storytelling, various ceremonies, sporting events, and even POW WOWs are examples of some of the activities involved. The objective as we grow, will be to invest into these projects and activities as well as a place to do them in, that in turn will grow funds to re-invest into Indigenous causes, such as supporting education for youths in need and guidance and shelter for abused women. We believe that by infusing the arts, languages and cultures of the local Indigenous communities we can achieve these dreams and many more.